Tips For Swimming With Pigs In The Bahamas

Tips For Swimming With Pigs In The Bahamas | What To Do Bahamas 1

One of the top experiences in The Bahamas is swimming with the infamous Swimming Pigs of The Exumas. Millions of visitors flock to the shores of the islands each year and make their way to Big Major’s Cay to catch a glimpse of these famous creatures.  To ensure that your visit is a memorable one, there are a few tips for swimming with the pigs that you should follow in order to fully enjoy your experience.

Tips For Swimming With Pigs In The Bahamas

  1. Book a reputable tour company. 
  2. Do bring a camera to take photos!
  3. Do not give the pigs any alcohol, soda or any beverage other than water.
  4. Do not feed the pigs, unless you are specifically given food by your tour guide.
  5. Do not sit on the pigs.
  6. Please, no piggie back riding!
  7. Do not pull the pig’s tails.
  8. Do not put your hand in the pig’s mouth.
  9. Do not hit, or throw objects at the pigs.
  10. Do tell friends about your experience!

Since the rise of the Swimming Pigs in The Bahamas, there are a lot of spots around the islands that have copycat the experience. The original Swimming Pigs live on Big Major’s Cay in The Exumas, but if you can not make it there, pigs can be viewed closer to the mainland Exuma, in The Abacos, and Eleuthera/Spanish Wells area.

Tips For Swimming With Pigs In The Bahamas | WHAT TO DO BAHAMAS

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